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Luca Lugari


Embedded Systems Solutions


Established in 1996, Veratim supports and distributes development tools in the Embedded Electronics market.

Our background in hardware/firmware R&D, the active participation in Automotive, AeroSpace and Industrial Automation projects, qualify us as partners and suppliers of leading Italian companies involved in intelligent electronic systems R&D.

A few decades ago, the Surface Mount Technology (SMT) was introduced. Compared to the traditional Pin Through Hole (PTH) technology, its advantages immediately proved to be evident: IC cost reduced, PCB simplified, and a better packaging integration thanks to a smaller size.

On the other hand, this new technology brought about a great deal of new difficulties in interconnection, testing, packaging conversions, as well as in connecting instruments like In Circuit Emulators, Logic State Analyzers, Oscilloscopes, etc. In Silicon Valley, in 1983 a company was founded which became – and has always been since then – world leader in the market of Interconnect Solution, Emulation Technology Inc.

Continuous technological innovation, quality and celerity caused their business to grow in few years from a few pages catalog to many thousands available products. Their website has been a benchmark for engineers in solving issues that were previously dealt with “in house”, with great waste of time and poor results. Today, Emulation Technology Inc. has been acquired by Interconnect Systems Inc. owned by Molex Group.

In 2000, Veratim acquired the distribution of the Swiss company E-Tec, another world leader in the custom sockets and interconnect solution field. The number of products and projects we have developed since then is significant and growing. Today, our catalog is quite large. Quality and reliability are our products’ acknowledged must.

Since 2009, another company – Merica Technology Co. Ltd of China – became part of Veratim’s family. Major and qualified producer of Spring-Loaded Contacts (Probe Pins or Pogo Pins), the company’s strengths are quality, reliability and short lead times. On your request, in just one or two days we can provide you with a drawing of a new pin or receptacle, and the actual product in 4 weeks!

At Veratim we believe that flexibility, speed and above all the “focus on customer” are the fundamental tools to provide our customers with a trustworthy and continuous service over time. You’ll find in us not just a supplier, but a true partner.